Who are we?

About us

Vardagsrummet next to Frölunda Torg is a collaboration between five churches in western Gothenburg and Poseidon AB. Together, we want to work for a more sustainable and pleasant Frölunda.


We want to meet people’s needs: spirit, soul, and body. Therefore, Vardagsrummet invites you to fellowship and activities every week.

We who are part of the collaboration are...

About the start & the funds

We believe that every person carries something important, and long to see a Frölunda where every person finds their place and feels at home. To do that, we believe that meeting places, relationships and community with others are essential.


Thanks to a financial contribution from the National Board of Health and Welfare to work against involuntary loneliness in 2023, we had the opportunity to open up the meeting place Vardagsrummet next to Frölunda Torg in October. We are now in the centrally located place at Mandolingatan 43, just a stone’s throw away from the Frölunda Torg tram stop.


Since August, the grant has enabled the employment of a coordinator and the completion of the place with renovation and decoration to meet the needs of the upcoming activities and events. This has made it possible for Vardagsrummet to begin to invite people to fellowship and activities.


In addition to Vardagsrummet’s coordinator and the churches’ employees, lots of volunteers have given their time to ensure that the 11-kaffe, the Roder course, the Knitting Café and the musical evenings before Christmas remain open.

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Do you have questions? Contact us at info@vardagsrummet.se.

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Swish: 123-369 05 18.